Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Michelle's B-day Party!

Big Daddy Black BBQ cooked for a great family and friends event - Michelle's Birthday Party! 


We had a pile of great appetizers for this group to help get the party started.

We started off with some gigantic Atomic Buffalo Turds, Dates stuffed with Blue Cheese wrapped in Bacon, and some SPAM Fries.

For the main course we smoked some Tri-Tip, Chicken, and Bratwurst.

We also had some of Grandma's Secret Recipe Smoked Mac n' Cheese.

Tri-Tip hanging out in the smoke!

Buffet line set up with the carving station at the end for the tri-tip.

Satisfied guests! 

Oh yeah!  And some dessert of candied smoked pineapple and some more SPAM fries kicked up a notch with some cayenne pepper.  Sweet with Heat!

Big Daddy Black ready to slice tri-tip.

After everyone was fed it was game time.  Casino night can begin.  All the players were full and ready for the rest of the party!

Thanks Matt and Michelle for having us cater your special occasion!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Richard Roger's B-day Party

Richard's Birthday Party.....

A quick cook for an afternoon b-day party and Big Daddy got the call to cook some Tri-Tip, Chicken Thighs, Hot Wing Drumsticks and Teriyaki Drumsticks.  It was a beautiful day in Southern California and even though we were doing a small cook for a small crowd, I brought out the Big Smoker - just because it's cool!  We broke in Richard's new Traeger 075 too with the drumsticks - just because we could!

First on tap was the tri-tip.  I used  Oakridge BBQ Santa Maria Dry Rub with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and Red Wine Vinegar and some water.  Oakridge Dry Rubs are incredible and I highly recommend them.  They make you look like a BBQ super star!

I had about 13lbs of tri-tip so I mixed up a slurry with 1lb of dry rub, 1 cup of EVOO, 1/2 cup of Red Wine Vinegar and 1 cup of water.

I tossed the tri-tips in with the slurry in a large zip lock bag and rolled the meat around and let it marinate for about 60 minutes.  It smelled incredible and the party people were starting to get hungry.

It was a beautiful day for a party in Southern California!

 I through the chicken thighs on the big smoker and the legs went on the Birthday Boy's new Traeger 075 smoker.

 After an hour, the tri-tip went on the smoker - grate temp of 225F.


The Birthday Boy's present was chugging along at 250F - getting those drumsticks ready for a killer appetizer - 1/2 were splashed with Hot Wing sauce and 1/2 were sprayed down with Teriyaki Sauce.

A small crowd had gathered in the Man Cave right next to where the smoker was set up so they could be taunted by the smoke and aroma of the meat cooking.

The thighs were a tiny bit over-done but they are forgiving and still came out really juicy.

 I cooked all but one of the tri-tips up to 135F internal temp and let them rest for 15 minutes before slicing.  They came out a perfect medium rare.

I cooked one of the tri-tips up to 145F internal temp for a solid medium - some of the ladies and kids preferred a medium over medium rare.  At Big Daddy Black's - we are here to please everyone!

Tri-Tip Resting!

You can see that dry rub really sticking to the meat.  Thanks Oakridge!

The poor dog was wearing a cone and couldn't quite get to the snacks on the ground unless he landed that cone clean.  The dog seemed to find his groove and get a few snacks!

The Hot Wing drumsticks didn't stand a chance.  There were only a few teriyaki drumsticks left by the time I got the camera out again.  That's a good sign!

Tri-Tip a perfect medium rare ready to be consumed by the party people!

Happy birthday Richard!  Thanks for letting Big Daddy Black handle your catering needs!  I had a blast!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

McIntosh Retirement Party

McIntosh Retirement Party

This party was to celebrate the retirement of Ralph from the water district. It was a perfect day with over 180 people expected, a live band, and Big Daddy Black BBQ! Can't get any better!

For this event we had the big smoker out to cook the large amount of chow. We also brought two small smokers for additional capacity and for snacks for the crew!

The location was great. We got to set up the prep area and chow line on concrete but got to stand on grass most of the day while cooking.

Corey taking a break after prepping tri-tip and salad dressings.

We smoked some bratwurst and summer sausage for snacks for the crew. Some of the guys who were early for the party got to join in testing the snacks. I think they were supposed to be helping set up but the incredible smells of smoked meat attracted them over for a try.

Time to get some meats on the smoker.

We smoked lots of tri-tip - the tri-tip was perfectly seasoned with Rooftop BBQ California Santa Maria Seasoning. This seasoning and the Rooftop recipe made these meats the talk of the evening.

We also smoked up chicken thighs. Notice the large chunks of sweet onions chopped up and placed in with the meats. This adds a spectacular aroma to the entire area and puts some of that sweetness into the meat. A perfect addition to any cook.

Ralph tried some of our Atomic Buffalo Turds at a BBQ Competition and made the special request. Request granted! We made over 40lbs of them for his guests. They literally flew off of the appetizer trays!

We set up the chow line with two types of cole slaw - vinegar based and buttermilk blue cheese based. We had smoked beans with a healthy dose of twice smoked bacon, chicken thighs, smoked mac & cheese, and a slicing station for the tri-tip. The guests watched their tri-tip sliced and onto their plates.

The tri-tip was incredible but the smoked mac & cheese got the rave reviews.

The live band came on right after dinner but people kept coming back for more. Another successful event.

Congratulations on your retirement Ralph! Thanks for having us!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

West Coast Drill Instructor Association Summer BBQ 2011

West Coast Drill Instructor Association Summer BBQ 2011.

Big Daddy Black BBQ got the honor to cook for the West Coast DI Summer BBQ on Marine Corp Recruit Depot - San Diego.

Big Daddy Black pictured with Sergeant Major of the base after he conducted inspection. Inspection and food grade - Outstanding!

Prep night - pork butts dry rubbed with the special blend of black pepper, garlic powder, sea salt, and coconut sugar. A perfect balance of sweet and heat guaranteed to create a great bark! In the smoker for 14 hours.

Putting the butts on the big smoker for their overnight sleep in the smoke.

These butts were ready to crutch in the morning. Half way done here!

Just before the crutch. Breakfast for the crew underneath. I wonder if any of that flavor accidentally dripped into our breakfast?

We had to bring the big smoker out for this event. Over 150 people including Active Duty Drill instructors and prior Marine Drill Instructors and their wives. Believe me when I say that these guys can eat!

The chow line is set up and ready. The venue is great - on the grass near the bay - right on the water.

Chow included two kinds of cole slaw - vinegar based and blue cheese buttermilk based, smoked beans with twice smoked bacon, chicken thighs, bratwurst, and Spicy Italian Sausage.

We fed the entire group in under 20 minutes. That left plenty of time for the Active Duty Marines to come back for seconds.

We always make an extra snack for the Marines to take back to the Duty Hut for some late night chow.

This time we made some full size Hot Wings - er... drums sticks. Big Daddy Black BBQ doesn't make little sissy wings.

We also made a couple of fattys for them. Bacon Weave surrounding a layer of sausage with a bell pepper, cream cheese, and shredded cheese stuffing. We sliced those bad boys up for some hand held snacks.

A couple trays of hot wings, some celery and dressing ready to go!

Sergeant Major Hoffman (Retired) conducts his own inspection. Overall grade - Outstanding!

After we were done with chow we had some fun. This location was directly under the flight path of San Diego International Airport.

It was very loud every time a jet took off over our heads but made for some cool pictures.

It was a great event and it was awesome to feed live American Heroes - and they only harassed me a little being a Submarine Sailor.